Friday, October 10, 2014

How to reminisce your past....

You might wonder why I suddenly want to blog the way I blogged in Multiply. Well, I used to write anything about everything. And do you know what I am eager to write right now?

YES, it's D-E-E-Z-E-R

Are you familiar with it? Nope?
Okay, let me give a slight overview about Deezer. It's an application in smartphone that you can install, and songs from your favorite singers are on your fingertips.

You don't have a smartphone? Ooookay, just go online using your laptop /PC and click First, you might need to sign in/ sign up. Don't worry, you can use your Facebook account or your Google account. After that, voilaaaa... Just browse your favorite songs or artists and click which one(s) you want to listen to.

Wonder what I searched the first time I logged in? It's Hayley Westenra. Well, she's been my favorite for quite long time that I found out that I almost got her singles and albums. Wooowww... Since I already got most of her songs in my playlist, so I browse another name.

Mr. Big
Mr. Big
Mr. Big

Eric Martin
Eric Martin Band...
And I screamed to get their album that I used to have as my collection but then it's lost somewhere. It's Get Over It with its single Superfantastic. Not familiar with the single? It's oookayy. I heard it's a flop after Paul Gilbert left the band. However, for me, as long as Eric Martin is the lead vocal, I will love the band. Always...

Well, so, if you miss your old album or songs, just go to Deezer. It's a way to reminisce your old ones. It's amazing to listen to the ones you used to listen to. One more thing, you can share what you're listening to to Facebook and Twitter.

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